XperienceRadio.com our online radio station that is strictly geared towards teenagers it’s “a place where teens can be heard.” XperienceRadio.com provides a platform for teens to express themselves in a positive way as they continue to grow as productive, responsible individuals. XperienceRadio.com will play the latest music and explore vast subject topics that today’s teens face with valuable insights and lively conversations from popular authors, entertainers, experts, athletes, composers but most importantly we will hear from our TEENS! XperienceRadio.com is an intensive hands-on experience where teens are introduced to the new media trend, everything radio and pop culture via online radio. Teens will get to experience and learn what it is like to have their own radio show, their own voice, something they can call their own while developing the necessary skills to become productive successful citizens. Teens interested will also learn various roles such as Production, Music Director, Promotions, Sales, Web Design, Engineer, and Video and Audio Production. XperienceRadio.com was founded in 2014 by veteran, radio personality and Next Generation Leader  Shanita ‘Nita B’ Brown, who earned a B.A in Broadcast Communications and a Masters in Interdisciplinary Studies-Sustainability from University of Texas at Arlington. Nita B has worked with various radio and TV stations and has had her own radio show entitled “The Nita B Experience” since 2008 which has won numerous radio awards, and has also conducted a plethora of live radio broadcast, her radio show has traveled to different music festival and youth events including being featured on Radio Row at the Essence Music Festival 2012 and 2013. She has worked with and has interviewed names such as Mali Music, Cora Jakes Coleman, Wess Morgan, The Braxtons, Lil Mo, Jessica Reedy, Blair Underwood, Lisa Nichols, Imaj, Monifah, Skip Murphy, Jasmine Sanders of the D.L. Hughley radio show, Celebrity Therapists and the list goes on. She has also worked with and broadcast on the same radio network as radio personalities and veterans such as Skip Cheatham, Sammi G., Tim Garrison, Cedric Bailey, and Detective David Gomez. 

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Job duties include but not limited to generating ideas and managing the audience responses after a program. Making sure radio station and shows are running smoothly. Generating and researching ideas for station  developing content, writing material for scripts, website and social media platforms. Also, developing show ideas, booking guests, screening phones, editing and working special projects. Knowledge of current events (and concerts where applicable). Applicants must be social media savvy.

Music Director (MD)

 This position calls for individuals that are knowledgeable in all genres of music, familiar with the latest music and the top 40 billboard singles chart and must be comfortable interacting with employees, clients, and listeners. Music director interns are responsible for choosing clean positive songs for airplay. Finding the right music for our audiences and creating a platform for local artist music. Applicants must be social media savvy. 


 Job duties includes preparing for and working at promotional events and live remote broadcasts, taking photos during events/promotions and posting them on xperienceradio.com immediately following events, managing contest winner fulfillment, managing prize inventory and show prize lists and responding to listener inquiries/requests.   Applicants must have a valid driver’s license or have access to a personal vehicle to drive to station events or live remotes 

Audio and Video Production

 This position calls for individuals that are knowledgeable in video and audio production, individuals that know how to produce professional video and audio presentations. Must be teachable, flexible and have video and audio equipment and software. Job duties includes filming of events video, audio and photo editing, videography and have knowledge in graphic design. Applicants must have a valid driver’s license or have access to a vehicle to drive to station events or live remotes.  


 This is an interactive and dynamic internship that relies on the intern to be self-motivated and disciplined, with a passion for learning. The intern will create sales marketing materials that will be used to sell prospects advertising campaigns on XperienceRadio.com The intern will go on actual sales calls with account executives to learn about the sales process. The intern will work on sales initiatives that connect radio advertising with online advertising opportunities. Applicants must be social media savvy. 


 This position calls for individuals that are knowledgeable in audio and computer software equipment. Job responsibilities include technical maintenance and repair of broadcast systems, equipment and software. Applicants must have a valid driver’s license or have access to a vehicle to drive to station events or live remotes. Applicants must be flexible and ready to travel.   

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