Shanita "Nita B' Brown

 Shanita ‘Nita B’ Brown is a Next Generation Leader who empowers children and youth to discover their purpose and maximize their full potential. She is also the founder of Generation Elevate Inc. a non-profit 501(C)(3) organization that positions young people to think ahead through character building by equipping them with the necessary tools to help them understand who they are, where they belong, and the difference they make in the world.She does this through coaching youth, motivational speaking, training youth workers and partnering with parents.

Shanita "Nita B" Brown reaches this generations mindsets, which are conditioned to think passively and not actively. Today’s society teaches our next generation how to be quicker, sharper, and faster, but some lack the discipline needed to help them develop and strengthen the significant skills needed for success in this challenging world.

Shanita "Nita B" is a widely sought after motivational speaker known to draw and captivate her audiences through her powerful, heartfelt, comedic and inspiring words with the passion and energy she brings. Her messages are encouraging, motivational, evoke change and challenges her audiences! Her 15 years of experience has afforded her a wealth of knowledge in the areas of speaking, teaching, training, coaching, hosting events, conducting and leading  workshops and conferences, and most importantly being a role model to children and youth.Struggling with finding her own voice, her self-identity, low self-esteem issues, depression and self-acceptance as a teen led her to compromise for love, hang with the wrong crowd, and she found herself battling with her own self-identity and her purpose. It wasn’t until she made up her mind to RISE ABOVE her situations and not become a product of what she was going through, that she found her true calling to motivate, inspire,  and  strengthen children and youth to reach their purpose by encouraging their potential. She found strength and guidance in her love for God, her Faith, her family, her friends and her dreams. Known for her signature ~I’m Going Places~Dream Big she never gave up on her dreams even when living a nightmare.

Shanita "Nita B" Brown has a strong desire to see others reaching their full potential and living in their purpose. Her passion is to see others operate in a Renewed mind, Reestablished life, and a Reconditioned spirit. Through her various God given gifts, she has gained recognition with young people, peers, colleagues, diverse cultures, old and young alike and the community. Her contagious personality captivates and draws people through the light she exudes in her many fields.  Conducting and performing outreach programs, organizations and movements under her leadership she wants to continue to inspire, to instruct and impel people through the gifts God has given her. Shanita "Nita B" Brown is active in her community and is Children and Youth Director at Jubilee Community Church in Desoto, Tx.Nita B was born and raised in Tyler, Tx but now resides in Desoto, Tx. She is CEO of Nita B Productions. She is a Certified Life Coach and Educator. She has a B.A in Broadcast Communications and a Masters in Interdisciplinary Studies-Sustainability from The University of Texas at Arlington. 


Youth Worker Consultant

 Need an uplift or a new start in your youth organization? Take advantage of this one-on-one consulting opportunity and see the results that you are looking for.With 14 years of experience in the field of working with youth in different capacities and serving as a youth pastor for 5 years, Nita B equips, educates, and encourages those that work with youth through training’s and youth workers development. Her goal is to empower youth workers to effectively reach and impact our youth of today on a level that they can understand.“A Better You Begins With Knowing You.” -Nita B 

Youth Motivational Speaker

 Life can be hard and through the eyes of a teenager, obstacles in life may sometimes seem impossible to overcome. Through the passion, energy, and heartfelt powerful words that Nita B exhibits through her messages, she is known to draw and captivate her audience which leaves them with a sense of empowerment and knowing that anything is possible. “Nita B’s ability to engage and encourage her audience is phenomenal, you can truly feel the sincerity of her heart as she speaks.”- Jon’Kayla Brown 

Event Host

 As an entertainer with a contagious personality Nita B knows how to move the crowd, speak to the audience, entertain people, and set the atmosphere for any event that she hosts all while still being inspirational. Having experience in hosting youth events to birthday parties she keeps the audience smiling and on their toes.“Nita B is funny and the bomb hostess, there was never a dull moment, she knows how to draw her audience it is truly a Nita B Experience”- 16


 Nita B has loved music since she was a young girl. Writing and arranging her own music, winning multiple awards and traveling to various cities and states performing and spreading the Gospel of Christ through various forms of music and acting. She takes pride in this unique gift God has given her.“Nita B has such a strong voice and presence when she gets on stage”- David Banner 

Youth Pastor

 Nita B is anointed for this generation of young people. Having a heart to serve and lead this generation is her desire as she serves as Youth Pastor at Jubilee Community Church- Pastor Gregory L. Drake. Her main goal as a youth pastor is to introduce youth to a life changing experience through Jesus Christ and to make disciples to make disciples.“All Glory to God to for one of the best, God fearing, anointed, humble, submissive, genuine, full of Gods love youth pastor on Planet Earth!! Keep letting God use you as his servant, Keep dreaming big, we love you!!”- Pastor Wanda Horne 


 This one on one coaching session will help students in becoming a better version of themselves through personal development, self- awareness and character building skills. 

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