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Youth Mentoring

 We believe that young people need a trusted adviser to talk to and to guide them through life. We mentor in schools, the community and within youth organizations. Our mentoring program “Rise Above It,” it being any obstacle or gap that is keeping  teens from getting to Point A to Point B. Our CORE values for mentoring centers around positioning young people to think ahead through character building by equipping them with the necessary tools to help them understand who they are, where they belong, and the difference they make in the world. We believe in assisting young people in the following areas:

Positive Mindsets

Building Character

Developing Leaders


XperienceRadio.com our online radio station that is strictly geared towards teenagers it’s “a place where teens can be heard.” XperienceRadio.com provides a platform for teens to express themselves in a positive way as they continue to grow as productive, responsible individuals. XperienceRadio.com will play the latest music and explore vast subject topics that today’s teens face with valuable insights and lively conversations from popular authors, entertainers, experts, athletes, composers but most importantly we will hear from our TEENS! 

Youth Workers Empowerment

 These empowerment sessions are for those that work with youth in church, in the community, or in the school systems. Leave these sessions encourage, engage and empowered with a better understanding of working with today’s youth.  

Partnering with Parents

 Parenting can be difficult and that doesn’t include all of the day to day responsibilities that parents have to face. It takes a village to raise a child and knowing this, Nita B takes pleasure in working along side parents in helping them to help their child(ren) become successful. Through our parenting program “Many Villages, One Child,” we believe that all children have a village or community that they are responsible for and it’s our job to help them impact their village by helping our children understand who they are, where they belong and the difference that they make.  

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