What People Are Saying!


 “Nita B has such a strong voice and presence when she gets on stage!”-David Banner, American Rapper and Activist “I had the honor of hearing this young lady speak and agree she is profound and relevant for today’s youth. She knows how to get to the heart of the matter.”– Dr. Diana Brown, College Professor, Southwestern Christian College 

 “One of the baddest youth Motivational Speakers in Texas! Awesome Christian Artist and Event Host!!! The guest MC of OURBLOCK’s annual block party! You “Nita B” contacting her!”-Bretney Massenburge

  “She spoke at our 6 Week Leadership Boot Camp this summer. Powerful, Relevant, Educated, and full of Wisdom for this generation. She defines what The Youth Advocate Standard should be for This Generation!! Ms Nita B, a Solution for the youth Revolution!” -Rockmond Leach, Founder Youth Leadership Bootcamp

“Nita B is an awesome empowerment speaker to the young and old. She will make you laugh, cry and think really hard about life choices. I truly enjoy any time that I get an opportunity to hear her speak or belt out a thought-provoking Christian rap lyric. She’s dreaming BIG and DEFINITELY going places!!!”- Ronne Colette

“Nita B’s ability to engage and encourage her audience is phenomenal, you can truly feel the sincerity of her heart as she speaks!” -Jon’Kayla Crawford, Student 

 “I appreciate Nita B for helping me understand the meaning of life and why we are here today. I appreciate that because if you haven’t I probably would’ve taken my own life.”-13 

 “Words can’t express how much Nita B means to me. She has been a blessing to me in so many ways. Her encouragement pushes me. All I can say is thank you for everything and I love you so much.” -Rashida Brown 

 “Nita B is that person that you always hoped your daughter would grow up to be – intelligent, articulate, spiritually-grounded, and an extremely insightful visionary. She has a passion to give of herself unselfishly while continuing to stay focused on personal development and success she is chronologically young; however, God has gifted her with a depth and breath of wisdom which has provided her a unique foundation of life, making Nita B truly exceptional. She is a person that is passionate about her work and about changing the lives of others, especially the youth.”- Breandlyn Jackson, Sparks Entertaiment 

 “If you want something FRESH and want to take your youth events of programs to another level, you definitely want to book this Amazing Young woman, Nita B the Next Generation Leader. She is anointed to reach the youth where they are with her unique Christian Rapping, Humorous approach and Motivational Speaking tailor made for the youth and she’s also a great  MC or Christian Rap Artist Nita B is the one. I am blessed to have booked her and she truly blessed us and especially the youth who asked for her to return.”  

 “I truly enjoyed meeting Nita B and the energy she showed while speaking to our youth. Since it was our first teen worship service, we were really worried about how the youth would receive her, but because she connected with them so well, they opened up and seemed to really enjoy her. I will definitely be reaching out to her in the future. Anyone with such passion and obvious gifts to be able to reach children/youth today….MUST BE USED! Not everyone can connect with youth as she does!”– Aundrae Hall, Youth Minister Greater Commission Baptist Church 

 Your motivational words during our anti-bullying pep rally were greatly needed and appreciated by our students and staff at Frederick Douglass Elementary. Our students are still talking about some of the encouraging things you said as well as the enthusiasm that you presented with. The students mentioned to me that what stood out in particular during your presentation was the connection you made in regards to the rapper “Fetty Wap” experience with being bullied as a child because of vision impairment. We have students that have expressed that you have now motivated them to stop and think before making negative decisions toward others they interact with on a daily basis thanks you for all that you do.” –Judge Whitfield, Counselor Frederick Douglass Elementary